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Floor Plans

Where is the kitchen located? What suites are on the second floor? Where can the pool be found? With so much to see and do while staying at Essence of Dreams, it can be hard to figure out where everything is located in this luxury villa. We provide you with a map which shows where each room and area is located in this expansive villa.. Click on each floor to find out….


Essence of Dreams Floor Plans

First Floor: Promenade Plaza

Villa rooms / areas featured

The Kitchen, The Dining Room, The Game Room, The Great Room, The Welz-Stein Business Center, Outdoor Covered Terrace, Infinity Pool, and The Renoir Suite

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Second Floor: Royal Gallery and Suites

Villa rooms / areas featured

The Monet Suite, The David Suite, The Da Vinci Suite, The Fragonard Suite, The Leighton Suite, and The Degas Suite

Third Floor: Sky Deck

Villa rooms / areas featured

The Sky Sanctuary


Further Explore the Villa

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The Rooms


The Suites


The Staff


The Villa

Ready to find your "Essence"?

Are you interested in booking a stay at Essence of Dreams? Be sure to check out our calendar for available bookings to secure preferred dates. Any question....please visit our Contact page.

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