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The Splendors of a Luxury Villa

Essence of Dreams is a sprawling villa of modern luxury that’s teeming with character, style, and opulent grandiosity. Brimming with high-end design and lavish details, the various rooms throughout the villa offer plenty of entertainment value in both indoor and outdoor environments. From dining areas to gathering places, the villa will entice guests to immerse themselves in personal discoveries in finding their own “essence”.

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The Great Room

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Set within the center of the villa, the Great Room is a special gathering place where guests can congregate and share the day's events and experiences of Costa Rica. The room itself is expansive, with a large sectional and seating area that overlooks the villa's infinity pool and the Pacific Ocean. You catching up on your latest stream shows and movies on an 85' 4k Smart TV. An elegant handmade 4 ft. tall crystal chandelier illuminates the room, and the walls are adorned with beautiful floral artwork from photographer Magda Indigo. Whether you find yourself gravitating to this room for its art, multimedia entertainment, the view, or just a place to gather.....the Great Room lives up to its namesake.

The Welz-Stein Business Center


Those looking for a room to conduct business and office work need not look very far away while on vacation. The villa caters to the individual who is looking for a quiet and isolated place to attend to the matters of business, take a conference call, or get on a video chat. The Welz-Stein Business Center supports your business needs with an office desk, Wi-Fi-connection ports, a 27' computer monitor to connect to your labtop, and a printer for your use. The room is given its signature name for the unique paintings by artist Catrin Welz-Stein that line the walls. Whether just to check office emails or to jump on that important call with a client, the Welz-Stein Business Center is just the room that you require.

The Game Room


Looking to win the next match, challenge someone to a friendly game, or beat the boss at the end of the next level? Then look no further as the villa has a designated room dedicated to all things gaming. Overseeing the Pacific Ocean and the night lights of the pool, the Game Room extends entertainment choices at the villa in several different venues. Gather around for a poker night at our professional poker table. Escape into the gaming center with today's next-gen consoles (PlayStation 5 and XBox Series X) or delve into some classic board games like Chess, Mahjong, etc. No matter the age, we invite guests to just have fun at the end of the day (or all day and all night long).

The Dining Room

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For either casual breakfast meals or formal evening dining, the villa’s expansive dining room invites guests to sit down with family and friends for a more traditional experience. The seating area comfortably accommodates 20 guests. It is filled with natural light pouring in from its expansive glass windows. You can view the breathtaking scenery while enjoying superb meals expertly prepared by your own private chef. The room is also set up for a delightful breakfast buffet every morning. The smell of freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee greats you while you decide what to indulge in from the assortment of continental choices. The dinner buffet offers up a buffet style of meats, sides and numerous selections.. Whatever meal you partake in, the formal dining room is a perfect gathering place for a more conventional  family style dining.

The Kitchen / Chef's Pantry


The kitchen has always been considered to be “the heart of the home” and the villa’s kitchen is no different. Roomy, spacious, and full of great aromas, the kitchen is fashioned in modern décor, yet boasts a wide array of American style appliances and utensils. The kitchen is also connected to a chef’s galley, where the E of D staff cooks and prepares professional dishes for you and your guests to enjoy. The splashes of food artwork creates the homey feeling that if you are hungry, the staff will take care of you. The area also boasts a beverage center, which is always stocked with water, juices, and soft drinks or grab a cup of hot chocolate from the villa’s hot chocolate machine for a warm comfort drink before bed. No matter your cravings or food palette, the villa’s kitchen is a chef’s dream….

The Wine Cellar Closet

For those wine connoisseurs out there, the villa has a special wine closet for guests to partake in. Upon requests, you'll have access to a vast selection of wine to complement your meal or just to simply sip a glass of wine for an after dinner beverage as you watch the sunset.

The Outdoor Covered Terrace


Adjacent to the Great Room, the outdoor covered terrace is a haven for those who want to enjoy the fresh air and views of the Pacific Ocean as well as the volcanoes and nearby vistas on the horizon. The covered terrace also gives guests access to the villa’s pool and outdoor decking areas. Enjoy an outdoor breakfast on the villa’s outdoor griddle or choose to nibble on a hamburger or pizza from the nearby grill and pizza oven for a pleasant lunch. Watch TV by the firepit or converse with your guests. Whatever you decide, the covered terrace offers the best of outside fresh air with inside luxury.

The Infinity Pool


The center of outdoor entertainment, the villa’s large infinity edge pool is a refreshing way to spend the day while enjoying the tropical environment. A 40 ft. wide salt-mineral pool invites guests to dive into aquatic delight and relaxation, including a ledge lounge seating in the pool’s 20 ft. beach area. The pool also features a swim-up bar, which is a perfect place for guests to sip on a nice cool drink, while experiencing the sights and sounds of the nearby Pacific Ocean and distant Costa Rican topography. At night, stroll along the deck area, with the glow from the fire urns reflecting on the water as well as the landscape lighting of the trees, and beautiful gardens surrounding the pool area. Whether soaking up the sun or just a quick dip into the water, the infinity pool and nearby deck area is the place to be for maximum vacation relaxation.

The Sky Sanctuary


Positioned at the very top and with some of the most breathtaking views that the villa has to offer, the Sky Sanctuary is for those who want to connect with the stars, gaze upon the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, and the nearby vicinities. Sip some champagne from the Sky Bar as the sunset and the clouds paint the sky in a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors across the sky. The expansive area can accommodate large gatherings and events. The villa’s Sky Sanctuary lives up to its name by offering a special retreat that captures the beauty of the surrounding area and helps guests find . warmth and comfort with family, friends, and loved ones.

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