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The dictionary describes the word "essence" as the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character

Your core nature or most important qualities are defined as the meaning of finding your essence. It is at that time you find the inner peace of your soul. Is it creating  creating treasured moments with family and friends? Is it relaxing while looking at the view of tropical green mountains reflecting off the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean? Is it gazing up at a starry night sky on a private balcony? Is it finding your inner-peace through yoga? Is it to catch-up on movies or playing the newest video game console? Is it to be pampered by a private chef or a masseur? Or is it simply just to escape the hustle and bustle of normal everyday life? At Essence of's all that and more!

Essence of Dreams is at the highest elevation (1,200 ft above the coast) in Playa Hermosa, with a picturesque 360-degree view of volcanoes, the rainforest, mountain ranges, and the Pacific Ocean. The 14,000 sq ft. luxury villa sleeps up to 18 guests and is decorated in soft tone colors along with Italian white and gray accent porcelain tile. The villa itself feels like a grand palace as it hosts a gallery with artwork from some of the most famous artists and painters in history. The seven bedrooms are private en-suites and are all named after the renowned painters, with each one adorned with some of the artist's famous masterpieces. Additionally, six out of seven suites have private balconies with ocean views. Also, those looking for local artisans and artists will find a special area in the villa where local artwork will be featured.

Over 6,000 sq ft of entertainment awaits you and your guests all at the top of the mountain. The villa's third floor (the Sky Deck) features a private Sky Sanctuary that can host seating up to 50 guests for a wedding or corporate retreat. Enjoy drinks and wine at the nearby bar in the Sanctuary as you lounge on the outdoor seating area.

On the main level (Promenade Plaza), the entertainment is even better. There is a swim-up bar next to the villa's expansive infinity pool that features a large beach area, while ample seating surrounds the pool with gorgeous tropical landscape. The Outdoor Covered Terrace offers another great place for entertainment by offering grilling area for lunch, TV and bar for those looking for fresh air while having the comfort of indoors. Inside, The Great Room is the center of the villa and offers plenty of space that can accommodate everyone staying at Essence of Dreams as well as a large media entertainment system, a stunning crystal chandelier, beautiful artwork, and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Those looking for gaming can find their haven in the villa's Game Room, which offers guests a chance to play a game of poker as well as a video game center and board games for all ages of entertainment. 

The villa boasts a huge American-style kitchen, where guests either will have ample room to create a meal or have our private chef and staff prepare a dish in the villa's chef's pantry and have it served to you in the large formal dining room.  Additionally (upon request), select from a variety of wines and champagnes from the wine closet to top off the night.

At night, the fire urns reflect on the shimmering pool. The soft glow of landscape lighting (not lightning) is the backdrop as dusk turns to evening. It is in this beautiful setting that you gather with friends, family and loved ones and share stories of the day. Or you could go on an outing and spend the night exploring one of the many other entertainment areas in the neighboring areas outside of the villa.

Whatever you decide to do, Essence of Dreams is your ultimate vacation destination that not only offers an abundance of areas for personal entertainment, but offers guests to indulge in their passions, reconnects with a one's inner-self, and an environment ponder the fundamental question as to what makes What is your essence?

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Ready to find your "Essence"?

Are you interested in booking a stay at Essence of Dreams? Be sure to check out our calendar for available bookings to secure preferred dates. Any question....please visit our Contact page.


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