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Chef Experiences

Food is considered to be the “essence” of all life. At Essence of Dreams, we specialize in bring the world of fine dining to you. While on vacation, we understand that value of not wanting to cook, so why not let us do the cooking for you from hiring our private chef. From traditional dishes to local cuisines, the chef experiences at this luxury villa are delicious and savoring that will melt your taste buds.


There's always time to indulge in the culinary arts. At Essence of Dreams, we offer our guests the option to cook their own meals in the villa's kitchen or (upon request) have our private chef to prepare meals during your stay. Have a breakfast buffet in the morning, burgers and fries for lunch by the pool, or even let our chef prepare a luxurious formal meal in the evening. With a personal chef, get ready to experience being spoiled and catered to with the chef's cuisine selections.    


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