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About Us

Behind every great creation, there are those who dreamt of it's inception. A labor of love, a determined will, and the passionate undertaking of finding the "essence" of dreamers.

Famously known worldwide as "Peter Pan" and "Wendy" from their successful 2016 HGTV's House Hunters International episode, which has been seen by over 10 million viewers globally, Tim and Tracey have created a unique luxury rental business in Costa Rica. Their previous villa... Dare to Dream, was a memorable vacation haven that brought American-style luxury and comfort, while staying in a tropical paradise. In the span of five years, Dare to Dream welcomed over 1,175 guest at the villa, with Tim and Tracey developing a dedicated staff, with recognizing opportunities to expand the business from gaining experience whilst operating their estate as a vacation destination. Reaping the success that Dare to Dream had sown, they decided to sell the villa in February 2022, with the goal in mind to expand, enhance, and enrich a new vision for a luxury villa in Costa Rica. Along with Jason, their son, and feedback from their staff, they went to work and began to dream up the first images of what would later on become Essence of Dreams.

Instead of imagining a large villa, Tim and Tracey began with the fundamental understanding of their future villa's namesake "Essence of Dreams", with a large emphasis on the meaning of a person's "essence" and finding oneself in an individual's passion while staying in Costa Rica. From there, Tim and Tracey's vision began to blossom.... designing the layout of the villa, incorporating the various room and areas, the inclusion of amenities, and even the décor to strategically designed with the idea of finding a person's essence while here. Tim, the big dreamer that he is, was the one behind the villa's overall structure, while Tracey handled all the design decorations, color schemes, and artwork throughout the interior rooms, as well as Jason, who was the architect behind the website and amenity details. With their combined efforts, Essence of Dreams was born, with the family excited to have guest experience the reality of their vision. 

The perfection level of service that is present at Essence of Dreams comes from over 3 decades of entrepreneurship that is currently based in the Washington DC marketplace. Starting out cleaning Senators and Congressman's homes together at Market Square on Pennsylvania Avenue, Tim & Tracey grew their business into a commercial cleaning company with a staff of over 130 employees cleaning over 4 million square feet nightly. They diversified years later into a commercial construction and labor company. Some of their past clients included a NFL Franchise, Embassies, The National Cancer Institute and NIH to name a few.  After writing a book, on 10 Lessons Learned... How to Build a Successful Business, Tim added a role of mentoring CEO's and was selected to facilitate a national SBA program, Emerging Leaders, representing the Washington DC market. He also was a mentor to several Veteran programs helping Veterans with entrepreneurship dreams. This included speaking at St. Josephs Veteran Entrepreneurship Program in Philadelphia. Since 2020, they have created a global Executive Roundtable organization as well helping and connecting executives worldwide. 


The family resides in New Smyrna Beach, Florida and is looking forward to spend more time in Costa Rica. 


Ready to find your "Essence"?

Are you interested in booking a stay at Essence of Dreams? Be sure to check out our calendar for available bookings to secure preferred dates. Any question....please visit our Contact page.

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