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Retreats at Essence of Dreams

Whether a gathering destination for a family reunion, an organized corporate retreat, or even a yoga cleansing vacation, Essence of Dreams is your paradise sanctuary

We understand that planning vacation destination can be hard, especially with so many choices to choose from. More to the point.... deciding on a destination for a retreat is even harder, especially on the size of the villa, what can the villa accommodate, and what type services do they offer. Hosting retreats at Essence of Dreams is where your guests can receive the warmest welcome, indulge in the ambiance and serenity of being on top of a mountain in a tropical setting.  Unique in character and luxury retreats at Essence of Dreams blend serene nature and luxurious comfort assuring an authentic and unforgettable experience. The retreats can be customized to meet all your goals of the event. By having a private venue, compared to a hotel there is opportunities to have the privacy and the personal level needed to make it a successful retreat without outside distractions.

Essence of Dreams US based staff will help coordinate and plan the event along with the Costa Rica team. There are many experiences near the villa to compliment the retreat that will make it a memorable event. We have experience in hosting many retreats in Costa Rica and in the states. A detailed daily itinerary will be available for all guests during the retreat. This will include the tour experiences, seminars, down to the menu from our chef.


Check out our retreat experiences on the link below


Ready to find your "Essence"?

Are you interested in booking a stay at Essence of Dreams? Be sure to check out our calendar for available bookings to secure preferred dates. Any question....please visit our Contact page.

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