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We at Essence of Dreams understand that our guest will have several questions about booking with us, pre-vacation planning, and whilst there. Below is a listing of several of the more popular questions that have been previously asked.

  • What are today's travel requirements to Costa Rica?
    Currently you need a valid passport that has more than 6 months prior to expiration date on the passport. It is encouraged to make sure you make a copy of the passport when traveling outside your home country. You should also make a copy of your credit cards front and back just in case they are misplaced.
  • What is the closets airport?
    Liberia Airport (LIR) is roughly 35 minutes from Essence of Dreams. Our private driving services will pick you up and take you to the villa. San Jose Airport is a 5 hour drive each way and we do not recommend that location to fly into or out of from the villa.
  • What airlines fly into Liberia International Airport (LIR)?
    US based airlines that fly on a regular basis are Southwest, United, Delta, American and Jet Blue.
  • Should we secure travel insurance?
    Today it is highly recommended to purchase travelers' insurance. Some credit card companies offer this when you book your trip. This will help with airline delays or cancellations and any personal emergencies that may unfortunately occur. Our policy will offer refunds if the borders or airlines close to and from Costa Rica.
  • What is the weather like in Costa Rica?
    Essence of Dreams is located in the Guanacaste Providence and has several seasons. From December to April, it does not rain at all. You have blue skies and sunshine. The tradeoff is everything is dry and brown color. The Green Season is from May to end of September and is tropical green with a shower in the late afternoon or evening. Our transition month is October which is more clouds and a greater chance of rain each day
  • What type of clothes and other items should we bring?
    With the country being in located in a tropical climate, we could recommend shorts, tee shirts and (of course) your bathing suit are a daily staple, Nights out are warm so light casual attire for dining out. Make sure you bring sunscreen and bug spray if you are sweet for the bugs. Hat and sunglasses along with sandals, sand shoes are highly recommended and regular tennis shoes for hiking and zip-lining. Anyone that is bringing prescription medicine make sure you have a copy of your prescriptions just in case
  • Is there a hurricane season there?
    Due to being located 9 degrees north of the equator, Costa Rica isn't normally considered in the hurricane zones. They will get a few tropical storms coming from across the Gulf of Mexico from time to time.
  • What should we bring for currency?
    Costa Rica uses Colones as their currency. They have a large presence of US ex=pats and tourist and accept USD and US credit cards. We just recommend calling your credit card company in advance and letting them know you will be using your credit card in Costa Rica for security purposes. It is also recommended to bring smaller USD as the vendors will give you local currency back.
  • Is it safe there?
    Like anytime when traveling aboard to a foreign country, precautions are always the best thing to do. Essence of Dreams is located in a gated community with 24/7 guard services. The villa has an alarm system, cameras and prevent opening bars on the windows and sliders. There are over 30,000 ex-pats living in the area and sometimes you feel like you are in the states. Majority of the people in the area are bi-lingual in all the main public stores, restaurants, and other places. There is also a room safe in each suite
  • What time zone is Costa Rica in?
    Costa Rica does not observe Day-Light Savings time, for half the year, Costa Rica is one hour behind the U.S. East Coast; the other half of the year, we’re two hours behind. Sunsets are around 6 pm all year long.
  • How is cell service in the area?
    All cell phone carriers have service in Costa Rica. You should check with your carrier on international charges. Another option is WhatsApp which lets you make calls, videos and texting for free around the world. Of course, Essence of Dreams will have WIFI throughout the villa including the transportation during your stay so you can stay connected with everyone home.
  • Is Costa Rica LGBTQ friendly?
    Costa Rica in general is a LGBTQ friendly country. We at Essence of Dreams welcome anyone of that community to vacation at our villa, regardless of race, orientation, gender, or creed.
  • Who owns Essence of Dreams?
    Essence of Dreams is privately owned by Tim, Tracey and their son Jason Kerin that currently reside in Florida United States. All three of them architecturally designed, planned, and decorated Essence of Dreams. They sold Dare to Dream which was in the same community and purchased the lot on top of the mountain in early 2022 and love Costa Rica along with the luxury rental business that they re-invested in this new venture.
  • What is the villa address?
    There are no addresses in Costa Rica! Essence of Dreams is located on lot 73 or as we say top of the mountain, in the gated community of Hermosa Heights, in the town of Playa Hermosa Guanacaste Providence.
  • What are the amenities of the villa?
    Essence of Dreams Sky Deck which is located on the third floor and features the Sky Sanctuary and bar. The second floor has a coffee station for those early risers. The main level has a business center, a game room with a poker table and a gaming center. A great room, a formal dining room, a covered terrace and a large saltwater mineral infinity pool with swim-up bar.
  • How far is the villa from the ocean?
    Essence is at the very top of a mountain and is 1,200 feet above the coast. It is a 4-minute drive with our transportation to the beach.
  • Can I walk to the beach from the villa?
    Unfortunately, the mountain is steep in some locations and walking is not recommended
  • How many guests can the villa accommodate?
    In total 18 guest that Essence of Dreams can sleep. The villa sleeps comfortably 14 guests, with additional guest (15-18) to be included in the two family suite bedrooms. For more than 18 guest, we can partner with other villas or resorts in the nearby community for their lodging.
  • How many bedroom suites are in the villa?
    Essence of Dreams has seven bedroom suites for guest. One on the first floor and six on the second floor.
  • What suites can accommodate more than 2+ guests?
    Essence of Dreams has two "family suites" located on the second floor. Both the Degas Suite and Leighton Suite can accommodate up to four guests per room.
  • Does the villa have an elevator or wheel chair accessible?
    Essence of Dreams does have a elevator that makes it accessible for elderly guest or wheel-chair bound guest to get around to all three floors. The villa even has a bedroom suite (The Renoir Suite) located on the first floor to accommodate such guests.
  • Are pets allowed?
    While we do love our pets, unfortunately, there is a no-pets policy at Essence of Dreams. This makes it easier to keep the villa’s high-valued cleanliness and, more paramount importance, keeps our place comfortable for guest who suffer from allergic conditions.
  • What type of electrical outlets does the villa have?
    Essence of Dreams has regular US based outlets. No need for international converters!
  • Does the villa have sufficient WIFI?
    Essence of Dreams is outfitted with the latest technology and has secure WIFI for all our guests in the bedroom suites and main common areas / rooms.
  • Does the Villa have cable TV?
    Some of the main common areas / rooms will have cable TV. That being said, all the TVs in the villa are smart TVs and will have access to popular streaming service platforms (Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Movies Anywhere). You just need to bring your own password to log-into. Just remember to log out when you leave.
  • Is there an iron board in the suites?
    Essence of Dreams has a steamer in each suite
  • Is there a hair dryer in the suites?
    Yes, a hair dryer can be found in each of the seven suites
  • Does the villa have air conditioners?
    There are separate air conditioner units in all the suites and main common areas / rooms and can be controlled separately
  • How is the water in the villa?
    Essence of Dreams has its own whole home water filtration system. So, all the faucets to the showers are filtered water. It is safe to drink.
  • How do we work with the Chef and coordinate the meals?
    We help plan and suggest to you as much as we can in advance with the US based team and add the meals to the itinerary. If we need to change anything on the menu during your stay, your on-site concierge will work with you and the chef to make any changes.
  • Is there a space for quite time for business?
    The villa has the Welt-Stein business center that has a desk, monitor and printer for those that want to connect via zoom with the office during your stay.
  • Do we contact the US based team, or the Costa Rica staff for anything we need or changes?
    You will have an on-site concierge and the same private driver for the duration of your stay. They will be able to assist you with any of your needs and of course you can always contact us stateside with any questions too.
  • Do you help plan all our tour experiences?
    We offer all-inclusive packages and help plan anything that our guests want to do. We even include in the villa package, private transportation all week which includes the airport transfers. Our US based team will put together a compete itinerary for you and your guests so you can relax and enjoy your time at Essence of Dreams .
  • How far out should we book a vacation at Essence of Dreams?
    Most international travel is booked 8 to 12 months out from arrival date. Holidays and high seasons are booked 12 to 18 months out from arrival.
  • What are the dates for arrival for Essence of Dreams?
    Majority of vacation bookings at Essence of Dreams are from Saturday to Saturday reservation. Some exceptions can be made during the transitional season only.
  • Is there a minimum stay required?
    Majority of bookings at Essence of Dreams require a seven night during high season and all holidays and pre-holiday weeks. Five day night booking may be accepted during the transitional season only.
  • What is the check-in and check-out times when planning airline reservations?
    Check in time is 1 pm as most flights arrive 11:30 am to 2:00 pm and we understand after an early start and morning of flights you are anxious to start your vacation with us. By the time you and your guests go through customs and gather your luggage and the 30-minute drive we will be waiting for your arrival. Check-out time is 9 am sharp, as just as when you arrived and the villa was ready for you and your guests, we have another group with smiles on their faces as they will be arriving soon, and we need to be ready. We ask to vacate the Sky Deck by 8 am as our staff will start on the common areas as you finish packing. For those that have later flights we can coordinate a day pass at the local hotels or make reservations for you at the airport VIP Lounge.
  • What are the requirements to book Essence of Dreams?
    Once a week is selected, we will forward you a contract and require a non-refundable 50% deposit to block your vacation with us. The remainder of the balance due will be 25% 6 months from arrival and the final 25% is due 90 days from arrival. We accept ach payments to our US based company and can also accept major credit cards for an additional 3.75% processing fee For bookings within 6 months from arrival date 75% is due with 25% balance 90 days from arrival. Any bookings under 90 days full payment are required to secure the booking.
  • What is the security deposit required?
    Each booking will be required to have a person from the party accountable for signing the legal contract. We require to have that person's credit card on file at our US based office during your stay with us. In the contract the assigned person agrees to be responsible for any unforeseen damages that may occur during their stay and agrees to have their credit card charged to offset any damaged amount. There will be email written communication with the responsible party with an incident report and photos before being charged for any damages at the villa. This contract also includes that the responsible person will pay any attorney fees and court costs in collecting any funds due that are falsely disputed as fraudulent. This way there are no charges on your credit card that have to be reversed or consuming on your open to buy while traveling.
  • Can we have multiple main contacts for our week and credit cards being charged?
    It is unfortunate, but with up-to 18 guests, we have to have one person that will be the responsible party for the week stay and commit to the legal contract. With regards to charging credit cards, if there are sperate families involved, we can charge the families separately for the experiences and the services.
  • What is the refund policy for Essence of Dreams?
    The 50% initial deposit is non-refundable as we have in good faith blocked that time for you to travel. If we are notified 9 months out of the cancelation you can apply that deposit for another date within the 12 months of the original booking date. If the cancelation is under 9 months from arrival date, there will be no option to change the date. All holiday weeks are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for another week. We recommend travel insurance for anyone traveling to avoid these unfortunate situations that may occur. If there is a global pandemic and Costa Rica's borders and airlines are closed that will not allow your party to travel, you will be given a refund or allowed to switch the date.
  • Will someone help plan our itinerary?
    We provide all our guests with a detailed itinerary that is mobile friendly. This will include a daily event schedule and chef's menu along with arrival and departure information so our staff is prepared so you can relax and enjoy your stay. Our US based team will assist in planning and detailing the itinerary for you.
  • What do we need to plan in advance with regards to experiences?
    Any tour / activity experiences (villa, chef, land, marine, and day / overnight) need to be planned several months in advance, especially when there is a large party involved. There are limited sources in the area, and we want to make sure we secure everything you and your party want to do while on vacation. Not doing so may result in not getting partake in the experiences during your stay and / or might incur a surcharge "late fee" to quickly finding a reservation for such activities.
  • What part of the country is Essence of Dreams located?
    Essence of Dreams is located in the northwest corner of Costa Rica. Considered as the famous Gold Coast of Costa Rica, the area boasts one of the best viewing with high elevations while being close to the shores of the Pacific Ocean. In the states the lot view of Essence of Dreams would sell for $15 million USD!
  • Are there restaurants close by?
    There are several outstanding restaurants from 4 minutes to 20 minutes from Essence of Dreams. Some are right on the beach and offer stunning sunset views while dining. We can make your dinner reservations for you while you are visiting. There is a 10% gratuity automatically added to your bill and it is customary to tip the standard 20% if warranted.
  • How far is the grocery store from the villa?
    The main grocery store is 10 minutes away in the town of Coco. There is also a convivence store 3 minutes from the villa at the bottom of the mountain. We offer pre-stock services so you can have your groceries there when you arrive. We also offer butler services and will get your groceries during your entire stay.
  • What is the nearest main town?
    Coco is nice beach town that is a 10-minute drive from the villa. It has several restaurants, the main grocery store, several bars, and local souvenir shops on the main street. Playa Hermosa where the villa is located is a small quite residential town and has many nice restaurants along the beach. There is a small convenient food store 4 minutes from the villa.
  • Is there golfing nearby?
    There is a local course that is half an hour away. Marriott golf course that is 1.5 hours away. For both of those courses it is recommended to get reservations in advance. There is also a beautiful course at the Four-Seasons Resort on the Papagayo Peninsula. That course is 1.5 hours away. But with the Four Seasons Resort reservations can only be made through the guests AMEX Concierge as they do not allow us to make them.
  • How far is the rain forest from the villa?
    The rain forest for zip-lining and hiking is one and half hours away. For guests to see Sloths, it is recommended to go south to the rain forest that is two hours away.
  • How far is the active volcano from Essence of Dreams?
    Rincon Volcan is one the active volcanos in Costa Rica. It is a two hour drive to the volcano. It can be seen from the villa. Arenal Volcano is another active in Costa Rica. It is a three and half hour drive to the volcano.
  • What are some of the experiences that can be done around the villa?
    There is plenty of marine experiences that include fishing, sailing with a sailboat, or catamaran, going on a luxury yacht, shoreline, fishing or deep-sea fishing, Jet skis, scuba diving, surfing, paddle boarding and even sunset cruising. On land the rain forest is 1.5 hours away. There are experiences that include ATV's, horseback riding, African animals to feed, waterfall swimming, hikes and bid and monkey tours.
  • What is next to Essence of Dreams?
    Essence of Dreams sits at the highest elevation in Playa Hermosa. The villa is in a gated community of Hermosa Heights. On either side of the community are other gated communities. To the east of the villa are rolling hills and to the west is the Pacific Ocean with views in the distance of Nicaragua.
  • Are there resorts nearby?
    There are several in the area of Essence of Dreams. El Mangroove which is a Marriott boutique hotel which is 10 minutes away in Playa Panama. The Papagayo Peninsula which is 1.5 hours away the Andes and the Four Seasons Resort is located and future home of the Ritz Carlton and in 2024 a Saudi Arabia group is building a 7-star resort, which there are only 5 in the world.
  • What makes Essence so unique compared to other venues in the area?
    The stunning direct views of the Pacific Ocean at 1,200 ft above the shoreline is a beautiful backdrop for any wedding or event. Add the sunsets with the everchanging colors in the sky with the reflections of colors from the clouds makes it a memorable evening. Essence of Dreams is the highest elevation point in Playa Hermosa giving 360-degree views of the beautiful landscaping of volcanos, the rain forest and mountain ranges along with the Pacific Ocean.
  • How do you help coordinate the weddings or events?
    Along with Essence of Dream's staff, we have preferred experienced professionals that include wedding coordinators, photographers, florists, bands, caterers, jewelry and even gift vendors in the states.
  • How far out should we consider booking for a wedding?
    Inquires are coming in up to 18 months out now
  • Where can you have a wedding at the villa and how many guests can you support?
    Essence of Dreams can host up-to fifty guests for a sit-down dinner on the Sky deck which is the third floor overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the pool. There is a green grass area next to the pool, which can host fifty guests for a wedding or event.
  • Do you have other locations to hosts guests if we fill all the space at Essence of Dreams?
    We have a partnership with other selected villas in the community to host other guests for an overflow. We even have partnerships with local boutique hotels too. We include coordinating all transportation to and from the villa for events and gatherings.
  • How can we coordinate the wedding and the reception at the villa with regards to space?
    Essence of Dreams has several options for both. The Sky deck which is the 3rd floor can host up to 50 guests for a sit-down dinner with direct views of the Pacific Ocean. The ceremony can be on the grass area near the infinity pool. There can be a cocktail reception in the 600 sq ft great room.
  • Is there an extra charge for the wedding event if we are staying at the villa for the week?
    Yes, there is an extra cost depending on the event to have extra staff help prepare and take down for the special event. The fee is based on what is needed for the event. A minimum rate is listed below. Up-to 15 Guests $250 16 - 30 Guests $400 31 - 50 Guests $600
  • How can we prepare for the day with make-up and hair for the bride and wedding party?
    Depending on how many and where the ceremony will take place, we can coordinate to use the Sky movie theatre and or the massage room on the Sky Deck. Or we can use the private dining area coming out to the grass area.
  • How can my guests get transported to the ceremony and reception from other villas or hotels?
    We will help coordinate everything with our transportation concierge. We have Mercedes Sprinter vans and can contract out larger or smaller vehicles if needed.
  • Is there anything else that you can help us with planning our special day or event?
    We certainly can assist with any other details to make this a memorable expereince for you and your guests. We are connected to a global network that can offer diamonds from St Thomas in the Caribbean. Ground transportation in the states for you and your guests to the airport from your own homes. Wedding party gifts other mementos, and thank you gifts that can be delivered to their homes in the states. We can even coordinate embroidered shirts for any type of event that can be shipped to your homes in the states.

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