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A full day of adventure and experiences! While Essence of Dreams is a magnificent villa to stay at, there is so much more to explore beyond the villa itself. Travel further into the interior of Costa Rica than ever before, which will need a full day or overnight stay to experience the tropical beauty of this country. Rest assured, the extra time away from the villa is well-worth the journey!

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While the surrounding area where Essence of Dreams has plenty to see and do, we offer experiences that take our guest to some of the best places that Costa Rica has to offer. Deep in the rain forest, take either a day trip or an overnight stay to one of the most famous volcanos in the country, while visiting a 5-star resort. Enjoy the pampered life where luxury and nature meet in the surrounding vicinity for a complete immersive experience of outdoor adventuring and extravagant lodging.


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Are you interested in booking a stay at Essence of Dreams? Be sure to check out our calendar for available bookings to secure preferred dates. Any question....please visit our Contact page.

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