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The SkyMovie Theater

If the sights and sounds of nature don’t interest you…. then how about the immersive cinematic sounds of a private home movie theater to entice you. Sky Movie Theater is the villa’s theater that boasts a large 123’ wide-screen and encompassing Atoms Dolby Digital speaker system and can seat 14 guests in the room’s theatre seat recliners and couches. The room is also fully equipped with a bar, mini-fridge, and popcorn machine to fully facilitate your movie going experience. So, whatever your favorite film is to enjoy….be it a classic action flick, a heartfelt romantic comedy, or a superhero blockbuster…. Sky Movie Theater is your destination to escape into motion picture bliss.

The Sky Gym and Fitness Center

Exercising a person’s body (physical and mental) is of paramount importance. At Essence of Dreams, we understand that value and offer our guests a chance to keep up that routine during your stay, with a private gym and fitness room. Located on the top floor, the Sky Gym and Fitness Center is equipped with a treadmill, recumbent bike, bike equipment, and several free weights to strengthen and tone your body. If looking to cleanse your mind and spirit, yoga mats are available to use on either the Sky Sanctuary terrace or in the gym area for yoga and personal meditation exercise. Whatever you decide to do, the Sky Gym and Fitness Center can accommodate the daily activities that a guest needs to stay in shape while with us.

The Sky Spa and Massage

Those looking to be pampered and find ultimate relaxation, the Sky Spa is your spot. Located near the gym on the top floor, the spa (upon request) can accommodate guests who are looking for private massages from a masseur. Ease your tensions and find a peaceful serenity while experiencing the massages as the room’s calming background music helps relieve you of your personal worries and bodily stress. Don’t hesitate…. request your massage during your stay at the villa. We promise that you won’t be disappointed…..

And coming soon to Essence of Dreams are several new features to help further enhance the entertainment while at the villa. Escape into cinematic entertainment at the Sky Movie Theater, with a 123-inch screen, Dolby Atmos sound, and comfortable seating. At the Sky Spa and Massage, you can have indoor or outdoor private massages or meditate with yoga in the early morning. For those that want to stay in their exercising routine, the Sky Gym and Fitness Center is available with range of Precor equipment. All areas on the Sky Deck can be accessed by either stairs or the villa's elevator. These "coming features" to Essence of Dreams will help build upon your own personal "essence" of exercising, relaxation, and escapism.

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