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Booking a vacation in Costa Rica can be both exciting and fun. Yet, the difficult choice one must first make is the choice between staying at a resort hotel or at private villa. At Essence of Dreams, we understand that you have choice to choose from, but let us provide some reasons why staying at our villa is “a must” for all and is almost the preferred method while during your stay in this beautiful country.


Have you ever gone on a vacation looking to unwind and relax from the hustle and bustle of your daily life only to find an abundance of outer public influences and disturbances in the hotel / resort that you’ve booked running amok. From noisy neighbors in the room next door to jam packed lounges and pool decks, overcrowded hotel resorts aren’t always the serenity paradise they sometimes claim to offer.

So , why not avoid such crowded and noisy places on your vacation by booking a private villa instead of a hotel room.

Personal Privacy


Most resort hotels boast plenty of rooms to accommodate guest to maximize their occupancy, but the abundance of such people can cause congestion in the various lounges, pool areas, hallways, restaurants, and other common social gathering areas, diminishing your own personal private time while on vacation. When you stay at a private villa like Essence of Dreams, you won’t have to worry about that at all as your group will be the only guests staying there. This means that you will have all the peace and quiet you want and so will those staying with you as well. You won’t have to share with other families or other groups that you can be disruptive to your vacation. At its core, a private villa offers exclusivity to you and your group, with Essence of Dreams being one of those prime examples. Swim in the pool at your own leisure without public intrusion, read a book without interference from bystanders, sleep soundly without the interruption of talkative late-night people in the adjacent room to yours….enjoy your privacy and the peaceful bliss that comes with it. It is for this reason why many travelers find “privacy” to be one of the most significant advantages in the whole “villa vs. hotel” debate, making private villas the more popular choice of the two.


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Coinciding with personal privacy, private villas can offer multiple social areas to accommodate large group gatherings, providing plenty of space for each guest to have their own private sanctuary within a large property. At Essence of Dreams, we understand spatial concerns and have implemented them throughout the entire villa, with attention to adhering to large families and groups that come stay at the property.  With a maximum occupancy of 18 guests, most of the common social gathering areas in the villa (i.e. Great Room, Dining Room, Outdoor Terrace / Pool area, and Sky Sanctuary) are expansive enough to accommodate large groups without the necessity of someone feeling left out or forced to sit elsewhere. In addition, added space and privacy can be beneficial for groups of multiple ages and / or generations, allowing the younger / older crowds have their own separate areas to unwind and relax. This practice is utilized at Essence of Dreams, with the villa having a wide range of these places for guest to gather in to decompress in their own personal way. The younger crowd can enjoy the poolside or find entertainment the Game Room or Great Room areas, while the older crowd can relax and find conversations in the Outdoor Terrace or in the Sky Sanctuary. Whatever area you and your guests decide to spend the most time in, Essence of Dreams has more than enough space for everyone to spread out and / or congregate together, without feeling crammed or uncomfortable, and to enjoy their own leisure time in a more personalized and comfortable setting



Going on a vacation is always a fun experience, but the cost of such leisure time away from normal everyday life can be bit of sticker shock to most. At a quick first glance, a villa can be viewed to be more expensive than a resort hotel. However, a close examination at breaking down the cost, renting a private villa can offer more value for your money, offering privacy, space, and amenities at a similar or lower cost than what a hotel can offer. One of the biggest ways a villa rental can be more cost-effective is through the ability to share the cost with others in your group. Villas like Essence of Dreams can accommodate large groups such as families, friends, and other retreats, allowing the cost to be divided amongst multiple guests. Because of this, the cost of the villa is significantly reduce per person, making a private luxurious villa to be more affordable than booking several hotel rooms. Additionally, private rentals like Essence of Dreams come with many amenities included in the rental cost, such as a personal concierge, private chef services, housekeeping, private pool, game room, gym, and several others. This can eliminate the need for additional expenses and services that a resort hotel might upcharge you on for using during your stay with them, with private villas providing a level of convenience and luxury that may not be available at a hotel at a similar price point. Thus, after a cost effective look, renting out a private villa seems more affordable and economical for travelers in large groups.


Ready to find your "Essence"?

Are you interested in booking a stay at Essence of Dreams? Be sure to check out our calendar for available bookings to secure preferred dates. Any question....please visit our Contact page.

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